I.Q. Mania Puzzle List & Stats

Yep, use the nav that's over there → and you'll get a visual representation of all 200-600 puzzles for the selected size. That's the main point of this after all. Unlike the site for the original Intelligent Qube, there aren't any sample solutions here since nobody has written any down and I ain't doing it, sorry.

I.Q. Mania also has a bunch of 4x2 puzzles defined in the compressed puzzle file, but these go unused in the main game which starts at 4x3

Apart from this page, this site is generated by a program so that's why it has a, shall we say, minimalist design. All the colours used apart from the cube diagrams are your browser's defaults.

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General Puzzle Stats

  • Longest Puzzle: 33 turns (9x10 Puzzle 5, Puzzle 17 & Puzzle 18)
  • Longest Puzzle Group: 19.29 average turns (9x10)
  • Puzzle Group with most forbidden cubes: 9x10 (34.8% of all cubes)
  • Puzzle Group with most advantage cubes: 4x3 (21.2% of all cubes)
  • Average turns to complete the game: 912.66
  • Average TRN of the 9,279 puzzles: 9.80
  • Total advantage cubes: 53155 (14.07%)
  • Total forbidden cubes: 90545 (23.96%)

Turn Speed

This is how long one complete roll advance animation takes. The pause is the time between the end of one advance and the start of the next when no capturing is involved. These may seem shorter than the other games, but this game runs at 30fps while the console games run at 60fps. Also, this isn't a mistake - the cubes take longer to get to the next row with accelerate held than without on Ultra Hard .

  • Normal: 25 frames. Pause - 26 frames
  • Hard: 15 frames. Pause - 16 frames
  • Super Hard: 5 frames. Pause - 11 frames
  • Ultra Hard: 3 frames. Pause - 8 frames
  • Accelerate / Squashed: 4 frames. Pause - 4 frames

Stage Stats

Starting Size (Rows) 192634293836363630
Wave 1 Size 91521182421181810
Wave 2 Size 81521182421181810
Wave 3 Size 101824212724202010
Wave 4 Size 181824212724202010
Slack Space -1687912141418